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Anatomy Of AGE Footwear

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In AGE, the power of safety comes from quality. In order to achieve this we perform the following test in our laboratories and FDDI Technology Centre.
Whole Footwear Upper Outsole
  • Construction
  • Toe protection general
  • Toe cap length
  • Impact resistance
  • Compression resistance
  • Energy absorption of seat region
  • Upper / outsole bond strength
  • Electrical resistance antistatic footwear
  • Tear strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Water absorption & penetration
  • Water vapour permeability & coefficient
  • pH value
  • Lining abrasion resistance & pH
  • Insole thickness
  • Insole water absorption & desorption
  • Insole abrasion resistance
  • Cleated area
  • Thickness
  • Cleat height
  • Tear strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flexing resistance
  • Outsole / interlayer bond strength
  • Resistance to fuel- oil
  • Slip resistance
  • Hydrolysis

Cordura® a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs.
AG Enterprises AG Enterprises AG Enterprises AG Enterprises AG Enterprises
Nylon after 1,000 cycles
Polyester after 700 cycles
Propylene after 650 cycles
Cotton duck after 300 cycles
Cordura after 3,000 cycles

Steel Toe Cap
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At AGE Footwear, we use only ISI Marked / EN-345 steel toe caps. The steel toe cap is designed in such a way, that when integrated into the shoe system, it provides a "survival spaces" for the toes, keeping them safe and sound.
Steel Midsole
At AGE Footwear only stainless steel is used and shaped to ensure the maximum amount of protection is present to stop penetration of sharp object such as nails.

AG Enterprises
We use technically and specially engineered materials to ensure healthy walking day after day.
This specially engineered foot bed is made from from two densities of Polyurethane, so that it can absorb all the shocks there all while maintaining its shape. Our DDPU foot bed has a moisture wicking top cloth and a special sticking line to aid conductivity so as to enhance the antistatic performance of the footwear. This foot bed has a soft rear part for soaking up the shocks found in everyday work, and a harder forepart so that is does not soak up energy that should be used for walking.

Polycarbonate Non-Metal Toe Cap
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AGE footwear's non metallic range features a toe cap made from Polycarbonate. This material is ultra tough and extremely lightweight and often used in the production of bullet resistant windows and doors as well as being used for helmets and other PPE equipment. These toes cap have been developed and produced in our own factory to ensure ultimate quality.

AG Enterprises AG Enterprises AG Enterprises
Chrome Tanned Leather
Atomium Leather (Antibacterial)
Durable Scuff Cap

Guarantee Of Quality
All our Safety Footwear is manufactured to EN specifications as indicated and fully complies with the appropriate standard and statutory requirements where applicable. However, we do reserve the right to amend design and material specifications, where necessary.